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Moroccan Association of Private Practice Psychiatrists 


1st Association of private practice psychiatrists created in Africa and the Middle East, the AMPEP has not stopped since its foundation in 1990 developing its scientific and social activities at the national and international level.

Member of the World Psychiatric Association, AMPEP maintains partnership relationships with multiple Moroccan and foreign organizations in the fields of prevention, treatment and defense of people suffering from mental illness.

AMPEP is open to all mental health professionals, whatever their nationality, specialization, theoretical approach or type of practice.

Respectful of ethics and deontology, AMPEP maintains between its members working relationships and exchange in a spirit of brotherhood and conviviality.

In collaboration with

Moroccan Association of Addictology


The essential objective of the MOROCCAN DADDICTOLOGY ASSOCIATION (AMA) is to promote the practice of the medical profession in the field of addictology. This objective goes through actions of:

- Training : organizer of the Company may, scientific events (congresses, days, seminars, internships,workshops ...), post-university training ...
- Information and health education: the company is responsible for disseminating scientific and popularization information that may be of interest to the addictology specialty.
- Valuation of the exercise in addictology : recognition of addictology as a specialty in its own right, motivation of practitioners in addictology ...
- Prevention: the implementation and coordination of efforts to develop global prevention of the risks and consequences of addictive practices.
- Research in the field of addictology.

World Association of Dual Pathology


WADD was founded in Barcelona (Spain) in April 2015. It shall remain independent of political parties and of any government. The vision:

The World Association of Dual Disorders (WADD) was created to:

• Increase the level of knowledge and education on Dual Disorders
• Create a live tool which can serve as the major point of reference and contact to Dual Disorders related professionals.

• Increase the awareness of Dual Disorders worldwide and offer a platform for all Dual Disorder professionals.
• Promote the research on Dual Disorders.
• Promote the dissemination of information on Dual Disorders among health professionals, government and the public at large.
• Give voice to and represent professionals in the Dual Disorder area by providing information and scientific knowledge.
• Reduce the stigma related to Dual Disorders.

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